Vival (CoCr BMS)

img_vivalGoodman’s latest Cobalt Chromium bare metal PTCA stent delivery system. Goodman has leveraged off the innovation from current product portfolios in addition to new innovations in designing the Vival stent and delivery system. The Vival stent is designed to produce excellent clinical results and is mounted on a delivery system that will provide exceptional lesion crossability.





Lacrosse LAXA (POBA)

img_laxaGoodman’s latest PTCA balloon. The 0.0161/0.0165 inch profile yielded from the distal tip’s (G-tip) proprietary un-heated manufacturing and the application of a smooth taper make entry into severely stenosed lesions easy. Furthermore, the flexible, low-profile balloon, increased-rigidity spiral construction strong proximal shaft and other innovative technologies provide exceptional lesion crossability.





Powered Lacrosse (High Pressure POBA)

img_p-lacrosseBased on the Lacrosse platform, ‘Powered Lacrosse’ is a top-class, low compliance balloon. Utilizing balloon material that offers flexibility while facilitating high pressure, Powered Lacrosse provides reliable expansion to target size with a super low compliance of within 5% difference of nominal diameter when inflated to Rated Burst Pressure.